My first car breakdown. Wasn't really a breakdown, but the car did stall in the middle of the highway.

Stupid gear tak makan and i couldn't get into third gear. Luckily the highway was empty except for this jeep behind me. Wahahaha.. at least now i know that in emergencies, i can keep my head from falling!

Caught the maple bug again!
Since i've got 2 weeks holiday, wat the heck. Play only la! Its been so long since i entered the maple world. And it has changed so much.

Trying to come up with a new blog skin. Hope i can make a nice new one in two weeks!

Oh oh, and we have a wedding this saturday. The same choir group for desmonds wedding is singing, except a few others who cant make it coz they're overseas! The wacko bride wants everything to be in pink.
PINK gown.
PINK deco.
PINK dress.
PINK tops for choir girls.
PINK tie for guys.(so gay)

Might as well include pink undies and pink dye-ed hair.
PINK kuih, PINK chair, PINK chariot, PINK lights and PINK pinky!
Must ask them for pink red packet!


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