So the exams are here. As usual the last minute studying ritual continues.

Previous night, studied econs till 4.30, first time i actually stayed up that late STUDYING.
But it was kinda fun. I like econs by the way. Collected the kitchen uniform. And its Soooo nice. (except the black and white checked pants.) Now with the new complete set of clothes i can look like a REAL cook. With the thick metal plate shoes and uniform and stuff. Cool.

No new events this month so far, except that there's this wedding thats gonna be held at our church building, and im in the choir. Hope that the group sings as well as we did before with less training this time...

Kathy. I admit that im a no good blogger! You're a waaaay much better blogger than me. =p

Nest up, Hotel Industry and kitchen exams! This wednesday onwards im free for 2 weeks!
Gonna have to re-decorate youth board and think of potential part time jobs!


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