Early this morning at 4a.m. was the first anniversary.

Its been a year ever since she was taken away from us. Time sips through the broken glass of life. One year has passed but it just seems like yesterday that my beloved aunt Irene passed on.

I remember clearly the day it happened.

The phone rang in the wee hours of the morning. It was close to 5. I knew because i was the one to pick the phone up. On the other end was jac. Asking for my dad in an other than calm voice. Half awake- half asleep i was expecting some foreign voice to be on the line, or probably some wrong number. Hearing her on the phone instantly woke me up. Walking out of the room heading to my parents room to wake my dad, he stepped out. I handed him the phone saying it was from jac. Already dreading the worst i waited for his reaction. Listening to the conversation confirmed my suspicions. She died that morning, the day after getting out from hospital.

She was ill previously. Having entered hospital due to internal bleeding problems, stomach ulcers, she still managed to pull a straight face. Unbeknowing to all of us, she suffered silently. The night before, we visited her. There she was on the bed happily chatting away with my mom and aunt. I was asked to go over to her house the next day to take care of her, cook porridge and look after her. As i was on holiday i obliged. Mana tau, she went off before anyone expected her to. We were all fooled by her tough exterior into believing that all was fine and well with her.

The one person i have known to be able to go through so many things in her life. Working as a nurse before, going through world war, loosing her husband, taking sole responsibility of looking after her bedridden mom, cleaning the house every single day of her since since i knew when. Mopping, sweeping, dusting, washing, cooking, taking care of the nephews and nieces when we were there. My family spent most of our time there. Especially me and my brothers. We used to go over to her place everyday before and after school.

I remember once. When we were still so young. Me and my bro, as boys, as usual, were naturally gifted. Gifted in a sense that we wreak havoc. We would make her so angry at times, she would grab a cane and start chasing and screaming at the top of her voice at us. It seemed so fun to be running around the house being chased by an old lady with a cane. Even now, sitting here typing this out, i still laugh at what happened.

But now, all this lovely memories of my childhood with her, seemed to die with her. Not seeing her makes me forget. Forget of the past i had. The past i had with the aunt that had so much love in her heart to give, the aunt that loved animals as much as i did, the aunt that, even though complained so much about the world and suffered so much, still had the heart to give more and more everyday.

To our beloved KOKO Irene;

He Only Takes The Best

God saw they were their happiest and
someone would not let that be.
So He put his arms around them and whispered
"Come with Me".

With tear filled eyes we watched them,
suffer and fade away. Although we
loved them deeply, We could not
make them stay.

A golden heart stopped beating,
hard working hands put to rest.
God broke our hearts to prove to us,
He only takes the best.

~Author Unknown~

In loving memory 021006


Blogger Kathy said...

ah i miss my grandfather alot too...and nikky :(

can allow comments to be posted without logging in not pls?

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