Holiday blues

Holidays without any real plan as to what to do or where to go really sucks.

Ever since i started my first 2 week holiday all i've been doing is slogging in front of the com training a fictional 2D character on MapleStory™ and sometimes when the mood strikes, a lil' bit of DotA™-ing for me. Now that the marginal utility gained from playing those games have almost run out, i'm at lost as to what to do with my free time.

Watch movies! Borrowed some DvD's from ashley. Only watched a few of them so far.. The holidays seemed to have rained the life out of me! In college, i used to study so hard everyday and now that im free, i totally have no idea what to do! lost my bearings la tu..

Met up with Yh, Theeban, Venki and Sri yesterday. Only got to chat with yh and theebs though. Went for a drink at Asia cafe and a game of pool(it was their idea! not mine! i just tagged along and ummm... and umm... you know... played along?) after that. Its been a long time since i ever met up with them. Excluding the meeting with Hong, Ling, Farah, Marvin and Theebs the other day. Damn i miss my friends. Noone in college can make it up to your level.

Now that the holidays are almost over, i'll be back to college again. Happy buffalo.

All work and no play makes jack a dull lad.
All play and no work makes jill a dumbass.


Anonymous kathy said...

dota = no life

10:30 PM  
Blogger jk89 said...

who says????

11:00 PM  
Anonymous kathy said...

and so does a friend of mine k

8:17 PM  
Anonymous joel said...

well... its not true you know. Some people earn a living playing dota only. earn much more than an average teacher! how about that?!


10:50 PM  

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