Very long din come here and blog.. so very sorry to you guys.So, right now my monthly test is here.Next week monday will be History.Really.History, as in history paper....XD

Reading a book on psychology now.Quite interesting you know.... They explained dreams, anger,emotions.Cool book to read.Right now still feeling empty.No feeling of anything.Everydays just 'another day'.I really need to do something fun.and Quick.

Right now my rogue Lvl 29 de.Just died just now....i alt + tab tats why din watch it...Aiseh.
Cats!!! i really need their company now.Really miss them.Can't live without cats!!

Whole day in school today was a bore.Had to do rehersals for 'Hari Kecemerlangan'/'Achivement day' <-- is it spelled that way??.... bad english, BAD.. sit.
Will have to attend the whole thing this sat.NO taekwondo!! dang.Tmmrw i have to attend school for another rehersal.It's so hot under the sun and they want us to line up to salute seventy times seven times.Crazy.

The Blog for youths is up.Please do visit it if u feel free/bored/bored/bored.Haha... not to say that it's a boring site, but make sure you Do visit it.

"It been a long days night.... and i've been working like a dog..........."