I did something totally insane just now.The absent minded me copied and pasted thie template onto the other blog and saved.o.0... how silly can that be??!! and i din have a backup.T.T....

Then came in SUPER JOEL to save the day!!
After a few intensifying moments, everything was back to normal.Thks to 'SUPER JOEL' !!......
I am now resorting to save a backup just incase this thing happens again.Wheew...


Tmmrw is SPORTS DAY!! yay!!~ .....*sigh*...

I will be marching for the prefects tmmrw.Can't really say much about their formation.Not so good lar..hehe.... monthly exams next week!! O my!! so fast??!! better go STUDY!!!

i'm beginning to love chem. and phsy. XD... wahahaha


Tmmrw's the big day.Gonna sing.Drats, i can't even remember the lyrics!! HELP!! wahaha i'm so dead. hmmm duudeeduudeedoo.... I'm singin Elton John's 'Can u feel the Love tonight'. Hmm quite a tricky song to sing.Very nervous right now.... Wish me luck.


Managed to get contact wif I-Lynn again.It's been quite along time since u messaged wor... Hope you got good results for ur SPM.Going o subang to study?? must take care lor... stay there very wat wan...XD.....

This week will be another boring week as most of the teachers will be absent again.This time, it's because of Sports day.30th March 2006.

This sat. there's an IDOL contest held by La Salle skul.They(prefect board) forced me and Ei Ling to join... sing wor... so embarrased..SD... still can't find a nice song to sing.... any idea's???
Must fine Minus-1 oso...hrrppmmhh.....quick quick idea's yeah?!!! XD......


Busy busy busy.

Past few days i've been supaman, running here and there flying to one place then to another.Wondering about what i'm talking about??

The Singaporeans are here.Came by train on thursday.The gurls (Zelda and Rui qi), are staying over at u. allen's hse, while the guys (Benjamin and Kelvin) are at u. Kay yeow's hse.

First night itself went out to watch a movie wif them. [-VENDETA-] waaa~ really nice show to watch.The Main man was superb.Story line outstanding.Loved it.XD.Then yesterday went out to Midvalley.SHOPPING SPREE!!~ haha but i din spend much.*Pheew* Hope u guys enjoyed ur stay alot.It'll be ur turn next when we head down to sgpore at the end of this year.XD... have fun!!

News Flash.Sean got 13 A's for his SPM results.CONGRATS!! face came out in Sin Chew Daily hor... so shiok ony.wakaka.. Nice SpongeBob Plushie.....o.0

Today will be my grading.This is the first grading i'm attending after at least 6 months. Thats 2 gradings i've missed.What a loss.But ave no fear, coz radins here!! Will be heading on to a blue belt once i pass this grading.My aim right now, is to obtain a black belt before leaving school.But too bad i only have a few more months till school ends.*sigh*



:- a chore, hobby or just a need/must??


Can'tsay much about the past few days,except that it was REALLY tiring.Been training for a taekwondo performance due next tuesday.I don't seem to be getting support from the members.Had to force a few to join.

Will be a demonstration for about 10 mins. or less.A few basic's, taeguek 5 and breaking planks.That's about it actually.Tmmrw will be the first rehersal involving every member.Hope i trained them well(and did the right thing).

I right now have this humongous pimple on my nose.A little to the right.My right.
Painful stuff.*ouch* wish it would go away quick.Makes me look a tad MORE uglier than before.haha...

There is a fashion show held by a youth group of my friends'.I bought a ticket to attend.Had to.Was bugged.Realy bugged.Submitted.*whine*..... Just hope that i will get to watch Final Destination 3 before that.Heex...XD

This Sat. pulak, Sean lim's barfday.I din get him a present yet.Can't think of anything to get him.Something not too expensive,not ugly,something which will mean alot to him.No idea's either??... me too.I just hope i go there for the dinner with something.