Its been a hard days night,
and i've been working like a dog.
Its been a hard days night,
i should be sleeping like a log~

the beetles

so. what's it like to be in a college far far away from home?
Living somewhere out there, With only a few familiar faces around. I guess that's good enough considering others like khaliq and all going overseas.

Classes are good. I actually like college classes. This sem. is Japanese, ethnic relations, Kitchen management and sanitation, Intro to Hotel industry, Cooking!

(to be continued. Dad wanna use!)

Assignments are pretty difficult. Especially H.I, cause we're supposed to interview 5 star hotel managers/HR dep, get to know a few stuff about the hotel and all. At least that's what my group was assigned to do.

Haven't visited around kl much too. Due to lack of heavy loaded pockets and time consuming assignments. Oh! one thing i did do in kl was... eat at kim gary's!! Now i know what the atmosphere and food taste like. Tried their cheese baked rice and peanut butter and condensed milk toast. yummilisious!

One thing about living in kl, and not at home, is that i spend less time with friends and family. AND, i get to use the com and guitar less. Right now my H/p is down. probably getting a new one soon. Went shopping for one yesterday, but didn't get one. Just have to wait it out!

To all those still reading this blog, thank you. To all those that left because of infrequent(very) updates, sorry and good for you! I may not be able to blog much anyway. Cheers!