Some things are just meant to be missing.


Yeah. Debbie! take care of yourself ya! you may not be reading this, but all the best!!!

p.s.: got to see RAIN at the airport. Quite a crowd welcomed him in. Hoho... tried to get some pics, but got pushed around like potato sacks. Stampede gila. He is so freakin tall weh... babi wan. *jealous* >=(
Debbie's probably on her way to england by now. On the plane. Went to the airport to see her off with other church members. Mostly youths. Small group of us.

No idea why, but i kinda miss having her around already. I wonder how many more people i'll have to see off this year.

Today was an eventful day i should say. At least i did something better than laze around at home playing right.... Went FISHING again! But didnt get to catch anything. bleeh.
After 4 hours fishing, went to mid valley. Watched a movie with amy at GSC. EPIC MOVIES.
Killer. The show was rated U, but seriously, it was supposed to be 18sg. Superb nonsense. In sean's words, LAME n DIRTY.
You guys should watch it. Go only with friends. It's a blast. It'll be. Bet you.

Quite late now. Cant blab too much already coz i've got to get up early for training tmmrw.

Nightey y'all.



There's this song by ben kweller. Lollipop. I like the song. Hee....
Something you guys should listen to.

Went Job searching today with randall. Headed to Centro to lok for vacancies. Wonder why they put up signs for vacancies when they dont have any. Dumb-asses. Zzzzz

Centro is still new on the block. Not many shops. After a brief run around in Centro, went on to Bukit Tinggi.
Entered Leo's first, No vacancy.
Next was a pet shop. The lady only spoke in dialects. Great.
They had puppies! cute ones too! hehe...
Stopped at baskins, filled in the form and they said they'll call back. Not too sure about that though.
The other stops, at baker's cottage, guardian, and afew other places didnt turn out too well.

Last stop was at KIA motors. Randall went in to find out. He got the JOB! But he had to talk to his parents first. Turns out, his parents objected to it... Zzzzz....

Another day down the drain.
All hopes are getting thinner. Soon, i'll be jobless for a month now. great.
Program schedule for Y.E.S! crap. Not done yet. bleeh.

Anyone with info on vacancies, PM me! PLEASE!



3 days of gospel meetings.
3 speakers.
4 topics.

Previous gospel meeting just finished. Kinda upset about the turnouts. But hey, cant blame anyone except myself can i? A few misunderstandings, normal.
Just hope that Y.E.S. would have a better turnout than last year. So disappointing.
U.Eng boon hasn't confirmed the speaker yet, i've got to try to come up with a topic, program sheet, send mails to other congregations, deligate jobs to others and get the brochure ready in less than a week.

Finally got my bike fixed today! thx to the almighty randall and his alan keys. Poor bike was left idle in a friends house for more than a month! zzzzzz
At last my darlings back. Uncle raymond said it was old.

"Go get a new one la... very cheap only. 3-4 hundred only"

How i wish i could.

Mich is sick. Food poisoning?
Vomited a few times(3 is MORE than 1, so its a few okay!) today.
Hope you get well soon. Soon enough to go rock climbing!
I really wanna follow... bleeh.
Enjoy ur apollos. Dun eat the twisties until you get better ya girl.

Gonna have to pull throught another week doing nothing. Unless i can get a job.
Debbie is gonna be leaving this friday. We'll definitely miss her. Do continue to blog so that we can be updated on how u are ya! Farewell dinner is tmrw at telok gadung. Sea food! mah favorite.

All the best to you debbie! will continue to pray for your safety. May God's grace cotinue to shine on you. And let your light shine!


dead end
nowhere to turn to


Its only been half a month and im already beginning to wonder what my friends are doing now.

Met Theeban, sukhpal, kuhan, yindran, cheryl, and a few others at the edufair in KL convention center. T said he wants to go for accounting. Didnt get to ask him if he is really going for that or not. Cheryl and yh are already in taylors studying. Kat's in the mufy program. There's this one person i want to elaborate more about here. This particular person is sitting at home, staring at the tv and com the whole day, either playing or watching and waiting for time to fly by. SOMETIMES picks up the guitar and plays, wanders around the house aimlessly like a retard, hasn't got a clue wat to do for the next 3 months neither after the 3 months. I guess if you would already know who this particular person is if you knew me. This persons name starts with M. yupp. you guess right.


HAH! who else were you thinking of? Michelle? maybe it sounds like her. But you wouldn't know right? she could be better off than me. for all i know, *C-E-N-S-O-R-E-D* there... told you de. bahahaha.....

Kinda tought that after SPM, i could meet up with friends more often and hang out and stuff. Guessed wrong. Now everyones busy with their own lifes. Wished i hadnt wasted so much time before. Could've got to know a few more people better. Even now, i dont stay in contact with alot of friends. Just the other day, met up with mich and kat. Had a chat on how things were, now that almost everyone i know is either going to college or doing form6. Glad we got to hang out for awhile.

Oh yeah. Next time ANY of you go to kayu mamak in bkt tg, NEVER order their roti tisu if ur alone or the only one eating. Its humongous, extra ordinary. It took me close to 45 mins to finish only 3/4 of the giant. With the help of kat n mich. They ate so little, i had to eat the remaining. No thanks for ur help guys. XD only joking.

Right now im still deciding on whether i should take a loan and go to college or do form6. Im stuck. I wanna do hospitality management, but the prices are suffocating. Form 6 seems like a reasonable choice, but definitely not what i would want...

Decisions decisions.......

crumbling inside
ans:the fibbionaci code


Got lotsa work to do! wheee.. at last.

For the past week, i've been doing quite alot of designing. Quite nice to be doing something after not doing anything for sooo long. =)

Had a brief meeting yesterday with the youth committee. Discussed about the events and stuff for this year in detail. Glad i had it. Now all the dates a re set and the events being planned out!

Here are the events for this year!

Youth Gospel Meeting
Topic: SECRETS of The Bible REVEALED
Time: 7.30p.m.

Youth Enrichment Seminar
15-17 MARCH
Topic: TBA
Time : TBA

Youth Christian Fellowship
Every 2nd tuesday of the month
Time : 7p.m.

So basically, this are the major events happening this year i guess. There are more! Just not able to publish on the www. =)
Hope all you readers will make an effort to support! Would really appreciate if you could come. For more info tag me!

On the other hand, I've went job hunting already. Searched the whole of JJ (actually not the whole, but majority. Picky me. xP) but didn't find ANY vacancies. Suprisingly they were all full. So headed over to bbk to look. Went to Secret recipe, bees and windmill. Filled up some forms, and then headed home. All 3 said they would call back to inform if i was accepted or not. Wonder if they ever would.

Wanted to learn driving for a very long time already. Now, im finding for driving schools which are reliable. Dad said to do a comparison. So much work added to my already 'stuffed' schedule.

Oh oh.. another thing. After yesterday's meeting, a few of us went for supper at modern in t.pulai. Saw this REALLY REALLY cute cat. Female and pregnant. She had a face like a tigress, an attitude like a queen! She sat right in the middle of the road, not concerned about the cars around. There was this proton waja, wanted to move but she was in the way. She sat there and never moved until much later. SHO CUTE~

Haha... sorry. But it was nice. Got to pet her too! hehehe.. so manja wan she.
And and and..... i got to get to know the people i ate with better. One great bunch you can never find ANYWHERE else. Hohoho... how lucky can i be. >)

Anyway, This is just the start of a new beginning. Some stuff came up lately. Not so favourable of it, but i guess we've got to move on? terrible. Just terrible.



Making things worst.




Back from singapore.
Into the new year.
Back to ol' sweet reality.

Trip to sgpore was great. Although there were a few minor set backs at first, But all in all, It was a wonderful holiday well spent.
Thank you all who spent time with us while we were there. Really hope we could meet more than twice a year only in the future!! Do come down up to m'sia if possible. (bring along my specs too!!)
Yeah. For those of you who didn't know, i left my specs in sgpore. T.T

New year's was not as exciting as before.
Mainly because Everything in the past seemed to follow me forward too!
bahahaha.... bleeh
Wasn't really looking forward to new year's. My to do list before new year's was never accomplished. Almost all of the stuff i wished to do never came true, or i thought better not to.
Dont ask me why.

Well, since time keeps moving on and waits for noone, i guess i'l just have to move on as well.
(Being dragged on by time isn't a nice feeling)

the face is a mask,
to hide whats inside.