20 ""I have been crucified with Christ;
it is no longer i who live, but Christ lives in me;
and the life which i now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God,
who loved me and gave Himself for me.

Gal. 2:20


Old blogs gone.In just ONE click, almost 9 months of my life's recordings were done away with. Huh.. the phrase 'putting the past behind u' isn't as easy as it seems now.All memories of tat part of life is, i guess, gone/deleted.I dont seem to remember a thing. haha.. dunno if it's good or bad.But watever it is, wat's done is done. Regretting's just NOT an option.it'll only make things worse.Have a nice day.

peace like a river
Lousy kat doesn't wan to gimme the password for her post.u stinking lil brat.who's the post for anyway? so secretive la u.dangerous lil fella.

Tmmrw will be going for a visit to the down-syndrome hse near the school.For moral project.and guess wat? she's MAYBE gonna come.drats.Please come.(if ur reading this now la...) bwekerey.

Haven't touched my moral projects yet. got 2 essays and 2 folio's to finsih up by this fri.crap.

Reuben need's a cameraman tmmrw for his game at tts.Crap.can't go coz it clashes.gonna regret i guess.huh.........


Gwen.I was tagged to do this?!... didn't know at first.bahahaha... nvr really read or gave 2 cents into thinking about al this stuff.So i guess i'll be oozing those juicy brains of mine.(You have two brains mind u.)Forgive the crap, forget the lame.hit me back, i'll do the same.(even much harder).Enjoy.

Four jobs I would stink at:
#1 actural scientist-My maths and science grades should give u the ans as to why.
#2 lawyer-i can't really fight back because i'm totally no good at it.Esp wif women.shucks.
#3 telemarketer-heck.why would i wanna be one?
#4 grahpic designer-i suck at arts.seriosly.

Four pretend nicknames I’m making up for myself:
#1 angelic_ghost-the one tat suits me best.
#2 ostRicH?-duno why.but joann gave me this nick.bahaha..
#3 Pwiggy!-only one person calls me by tat nick.ain't gonna tell who.*shhh.secret*
#4 a.Moody-can't think of any.so just whack ny.hahaha...

Four movies I have watched over and over:
#1 SpongeBob SquarePants!-definitely one of the best.
#2 Patch adams-Love it.
#3 Windtalkers-okay okay show ny la.Compared to band of brothers and black hawk down ofcourse..
#4 New Police story-One of Jackie chan's best.

Four things I love to do on my weekends:
#1DotA-although i rarely play it nowadays.
#2 sleep-eventhough it's bad for the soul.dun believe?Go read it up in the bible.
#3 read-if there's a great book awaiting.hehehe...suprised?
#4 cook!-never really got the chance to cook a full dinner/lunch.But i have made breakfast plenty of times.

Four things I could NOT live without (besides oxygen, H20, and miscellaneous life-sustaining substances):
#1 my friends-Duh-uh...
#2 my soul-it doesn't sustain life.it IS life.hahaha..
#3 love?-who doesn't?
#4 Com-play play play!

Four TV shows I geek out to, or used to geek out to:
#1 Charmed - because i have nothing else to watch on friday nights.
#2 Smallville-nice nice.
#3 Oliver's Twist-yummy yummy yumm yumm.
#4 Crocodile hunter-haha..i love documentaries.

Four of my favorite foods, partnered with people with whom I enjoy eating said foods:
#1 McDonald's - friends and family.
#2 mamak-church youths/michelle/theeban
#3 Telok Gong-family
#4 Osaka-family once again! hahaha.. i rarely go on adventures.bleeh.

Four places I would rather be right now:
#1 SPCA-all the cute lil babies are there.hehehe...
#2 Singapore-me buddies are awaiting for me.
#3 Paintballing-it's been a loooooooooooooong while.
#4 mamaking-wif mich ofcourse.bahahaha...rarely go la.

Four people I’m mercilessly tagging:
#1 MICHELLE oH-since u begged me not to.bahahaha...
#2 kat kat-meow~
#3 ZiLin-haha..lil bro!
#4 sean-youth leader.i wanna read more.bahahaha...

i've got a joy joy joy joy down in my heart.WHERE?


I've been pondering on this though for awhile already. Should I, or should i not close down me other blog?

It's been long since i've ever visited it anyways, never posted, tagged, viewed it.Thought of focusing on this one blog where i started it all anew.Oh oh.. just changed my background.Kinda used the old one from the other blog.wakakaka..But nice wert....

Learnt something new yesterday.That you have to make the batter for mee hun ge and let it rest for a few hours before cooking it.It will then taste better so it seems.wahaha.. nvr really tried to cook mee hun ge.Used to be my favorite dish last time.Still is though.I like eating it wif cili padi.Nice nice.hehehe

School holidays are almost up.None of my homework is done yet.Ashley just reminded me to print out her pics for her project too.Oh crap.That just reminded me that I have not completed my moral project also! wowee..

Gonna be hectic soon.Me life is all gonna have to be focused on STUDYING.Hope i can pull trough spm.see u guys around.


Been visiting blogs lately.Got really aroused by the way some people write.Proficiency and grammar 100%.Cant imagine that there are people out there who are either the same age, or even younger who write better than me.Okay, i confess. I'm not good at writing at all.But looking at what they write and how they write it.It astounds me.How well if i could write just like them.Or maybe even better? who knows?

Some in school say that i'm good in english.That i do well in english, that i'm an english genie or something.Fact is, my english is just not as good as u think it is.I may seem good at it, but i just am not.Thousands out there are just so much more better than this screwed up thing u see here.English just isn't measured by how well u speak only, but how well you know, how well you pronounce a word, how well you spell, and all that stuff.Going out into the world, how well you speak won't help much if it's not backed up with how much you know and how proficient you are at it.

Srutinising myself won't help me improve on my knowledge in this language.I know.But i just can't help it.I get all worked up on wanting to write out a good piece, but in the end find out that what i've learnt all this years has been a total waste.Crap.Feeling down again.Hope to be getting better though.

zip it