God's Creation

In the beginning, God created earth and rested.
Then god created man and rested.
Then God created woman.
Since then, neither God nor man have rested.

Saint Peter is watching the gates of Heaven,
but he really has to go to the bathroom.He asks Jesus to watch the gates for a few minutes,
and Jesus says "Fine".St. Peter takes the book which lists everyone who's supposed to get
into Heavan with him to the bathroom to have something to read.

As Jesus is standing there,He sees this old man leading a donkey up from Earth to Heaven.
He notices the old man has carpenter's tools with him.
When the old man gets to the gates, Jesus tells him he doesn't have the book,
but asks the old man to explain his life and why he felt he should be admitted into Heaven.
Jesus would then make the decision whether or not to let him in based on the story.

The man explains "In English, my name would be Joseph,
but I didn't live in America or England.I lived a modest life, making things out of wood.
I'm not remembered very well by most people, but almost everyone has heard of my son.
I call him my son, but I was more of a dad to him, he didn't really
come into this world the usual way.

I sent my son out to be among the people of the World.
He was ridiculed by many, and was even known to associate himself with some pretty unsavory
characters, although he himself tried to be honest and perfect.
My single biggest reason for trying to get into Heaven is to be reunited with my son".

Jesus is awestruck by ther man's story.He looks into the old man's eyes and asks,
"Are you MY earthly father?"

The old man's face brightens; he looks at Jesus, and asks,
"are you MY Pinocchio?"

Got this joke from a friends joke book.Cheeky isn't it?

"Are you My Pinocchio?"


Found this wonderfull rat in the tub a few days ago.Huge one.

I don't really know how exactly it got in there, but nasib lar kan??

The day it DIED!! wahaha... i had to clean it in the end.I think it drowned.Too tired to stay afloat de then drown lor.big hor??


Got my text books from chin suet today.It's been a full decade since i asked her for it. Thks for it anyway.This books will be used for the last time this year.Next year there'll be new ones coming out.Maths and Science in English.Books nowadays cost a bomb.Just getting a long notebook is RM2.20 (at my school's bookstore).New books are being introduced everyday/month/year.It seems to me that all the teachers want us to get a specific kinda book, which we so called "can't get it anywhere outside wan.."

The Harmony Silk Factory by Tash Aw is a really good book.Eventhough i just started reading it afew days ago, i think i'm already hooked.The way he narrates the story lines are fabulous.No deep though taken to undestand what he's trying to convey.Simple and nice.

Yesterday was the farewell dinner for Raymond.Wasn't really planned out i should say.One look at the organizer and i could tell already.He's the last minute kinda guy, who does'nt think forward what has to be done on that day.Can't believe they actually let him organize this event.What's worse is, he totally forgot to arrange for drinks.Got eveyone to bring food, but no drinks.So we had to drive to 7-11 to get cordial drinks.Jon. Teh bought maggi cup coz he was hungry.Then the food and the people stated to come.But they were all late.SY was the last to come, bcause she had sumthing sumthing having to do with somone who was somewhere.But nevertheless, the mashed potatoes were fantastic!! hehe very salty sauce.XD...Thks Sean for bringing the additional black pepper chicken.Really nice.Raymond,hope you had a good time yesterday.We'll definitely miss you when you leave for aus.All the best and take care ya?!

Went with reuben to ampang to watch the paintball Prelim. round.Many teams were there to participate.He was supposed to enter in the competitionbut because of some reasons, he had to hault the idea of doing so.Dun worry, There's still this year(very long to go)

Cheer cheers!! welcome back! Jonathan Teh!! farewell my fren.Hope to se you in the near future.Take care of yourself.God bless.

I was the Flatheaded mastermind of the whole farewell party.Enjoy.


Have you ever noticed that the weirdest things always happen when you least expect it to happen?? One thing just did.Today.In school.The.Most.Unpredictable.Thing.Happened.
They(the prefectorial board of S.T.A.R. 06) elected me to be the Ketua Kebersihan (Head of Cleanliness?? << direct translation..).

Fact.Kitten's are cute.
Saw a bunch of them while heading to mamak just now.5 kitties.3 brown, 2 black.So cute sia.The way they look at you and cry, move around clumsily and strecth out.hehe.Cat fanatic.

"Many Listen to reply, We should Listen to Understand"


Yesterday my mom went to pantai klang Hospital for surgery.There's a growth in her body so need to take out.Went to the hospital just now to pick her up.Now resting.

So far school has been fine.The homework is beginning to pile up already.The taekwondo members agreed to a paintball game as part of our activities this year.The nut in my class is also getting on everyone's nerves now.Thinks he's so capable of handling everything by himself.

Maple Story is nowback on my com after a long break.... couldn't access it for a few weeks.Tze wei has also started playin again since his com. got struck down.

This Sat. there is a farewell dinner for Raymond.
Going to aus. for a few years.Hmm, will be missing all your help and support here.By the time you get back, i think we'll all have grown older and taken on the duties of the youth here in klang.

I read an article written by Joan.Pretty neat i should say.Considering the fact that the names of those in print were 'fake'?? haha i know some were not.I think from now on i'll be getting The Sun every tues. hehe....

"Now that we're MEN !!.."
Have you ever wondered how music can make you so relaxed? Just listening to the tunes and melody makes you light headed already.The beat to the music makes you wanna jump/sing-a-long/dance.I really don't know what i would do without music.

I wanna get an MP3 player seh.Been waiting for ages just to get one.Reuben found one which was like SO cheap compared to others.Quite a good one too (Zen).Should i or should i not save up to get one by myself??hmm..

Considering the odds....NOT!! wow... just to save up that ammount would take me months to collect.Take in mind the days of starvation and hunger and boredom(of not being able to go out and enjoy)just to SAVE.Saving's a BIG word for us teen's ain't it?(unless ur stinking rich and ur parents don't mind you spending).Just hope i can still save AND go for this year's youth trip to melaka.

Just a few days ago, another stray came to the house and gave birth.This one's really fat man.4 lil cute babies out by the porch.I'm talking bout the cat.3 orange 1 black.All striped kittens.Should i keep them?? arrggh drats.No question to that one huh?...I really want one.....

Last sunday we had a reunion dinner at Hotel vistana.(beside hokkien ass.).Uncle Kam wah and family were invited too.2 tables full of relatives.Oh! by the way.. here's a joke about relatives.

"Success is relative.The more success you have, the more relatives you have."
Take a good laugh.

The dinner was good.The usual dishes at a family dinner.No Yee sang this time.Can't wait for CNY to come.

"I'm a Goofy Goober Yeah!! , You're a Goofy Goober Yeah!!"


I managed to finish the cube i got for a pressie in one day.Wakaka... yeah with the help of a manual (duh uh...)really wasn't much trouble getting it done actually.Was easier finishing it then getting this ol' feeling o mine to disappear.Huh... can't say much here tough, for one, this is personal stuff.

Hope you got on with life better off then i did.Really isn't nice to get others into this trap and then letting them go without an explanation.Well life is life isn't it?? Have a happy life ahead of you.I'm sure i'll find mine soon.


I kinda found out how i was totally wrong about my B.M teacher.She, on her first day,came gingerly inot my class and acted all cocky and boastful(according to me and my frens).But soon enough, today as she was in the class teaching and talking about how we SHOULD leran in schools and how most teachers that teach malay are wrong in what they teach.She's a nice person after all.Hope that my malay will improve with you around.Thank you.

After school today, i had to wait so friggin long for just a bus to come.First i didn't think it urgent to take the bus coz got alot of peeps waiting.Then the next bus came 30 mins later.That i went.So i waited and waited and waited..... mana tau, when it reached my turn to get on the bus,the bus driver just took of.Had to wait for another 20 ins then the lousiest of all lousy bus came.What to do?? take lor... haih.....

Tok more later.Gtg now.

p.s.Zilin got baptized today!! wheee wahaha all the best to you ya?!!



Found a dead cat while walking home from school yesterday.All bloated up coz it rained a few hours before.Scary sight.Really.It's eyes popped out of it's sockets,still connected though.The whole body wet and rubberish.Flies everywhere.The stench of death hung in the air.(can write ghost story de...XD)

Huh... came back from school late today.Had a meeting for the prefects camp.Suddenly last minute only tell me got meeting."Eh!! i they didn't tell you meh?!! you must come for the meeting lar.Vinu say all must come.You're part of the commitee."

Meeting was after school.Had to stay back.Then most of them came late.What to discuss?? oso dunno.Ony give out the duties and ask us to get ready.How unorganized.

So far school has been okay.... nothin much to do/say about school.Next week will be the election of all the sports clubs, Unit beruniform and stuff.Hope i get chosen as taekwondo leader.Hahaha.... i have a very high posibility of getting chosen for almost every club i go to.Badminton club sure will get nominated wan...then in taekwondo oso.School house maybe ony, and the rest maybe not.So i hope at least i get taekwondo i happy de.Jia You!!

To all those returning back to school, have a very happy n prosperous year in school.Hope you guys do ur best.


Went to Sgpore for the first time of my LIFE!!! (the first time i can remember lar....).First time out of M'sia too!! (the first time i can really remember lar....)Wahahahahaha.... so happy.

Supposed to be there for only 4 days.But thanks to the INCREDIBLE ms. Victoria...... i stayed an extra 2 days!! wakakaka.... The trip there was superb man.Thanks to the peeps in sgpore for taking me,myself and my family around sgpore!!! really can't stop smiling when i think of the trip.I WANNA GO THERE AGAIN!! ....Silly me.Ofcourse i can go there again.Dec.(and sgpore.)HERE I COME!!! yeah!!....


hAppy new yeaR

A very happy new year to all u guys there.A dawn of great things to come has come.The prophecy of the new year is revealed.... We're ONE YEAR OLDER!!! wahahaha.....

can't say much though.New year's resolutions are made.Mine?? heh.Take a guess.Nope, try again.Sorry wrong answer.Wat's tat? oh.um.. wat's tat again??... hmm... tsk tsk.Can't guess eh?huh.

Well. since u begged for it,here's my list of new year's resolutions.

TOP 10
1. To finish school a.s.a.p.(with good/average/excelent results)
2. Start learning to cook more food
3. Less play, more fun
4. Get over with this feeling of mine
5. Make more friends
6. Play PAINTBALL!! (more often than usual...which is 8++ games a year)
7. Stick with one hobby
8. Find a college tat's cheap and reliable for next year
9. Go to sgpore
10. Study/live in sgpore

So there you have it.The top 10 on my list.Hehe....not tat interesting rite?Oh well.
Hope you guys stick to your resolutions as i TRY to stick to mine.All the best.

onE moRe tiMe

HI.It's been long since the first blog was shut down.Now, this ultimately new blog site is UP and READY TO GO!! Will be starting everything anew now.Fresh start to the new year.Cheers.

p.s. srry about the first blog.There were some moles and mice in every corner of it.HAD to shut it down.Srry for the inconvenience.