Took a few pictures with college mates. Photoshoped it. Hope you guys dont mind me not blogging too much. Pictures galore!

p.s.: Hong, just posting ny ah... not bloating. XD
So for the past month i never did once enter blogger to think about what to blog about.


How about the same ol' 'busy with assignments and no time' excuse?
Or maybe the 'I've got too much on my mind right now'?

Well, matter of fact both applies to me right now!
But now since my assignments are done, and homework has hopped on the train to tokyo, i can now blog!

The next few days are gonna be busy ones. Monday to wed is the workshop with Bro. Roger campbell from U.S. Organizing the event partially. Wont be around on tuesday and wednesday though.

Few days back, went out with a group of friends and took lots and lots of pictures! was so glad they posed.. Photoshoped a few and they turned out pretty good.

To all my buddies whom i don't get to see so often now, So sorry for not contacting you guys frequently to find out how you are and all. I promis to make it appointed to me to at least send a greeting from time to time. You see, i've just got too many friends to acknowledge! haha... Hope you guys are doing well wherever you are!

To all you guys having holidays now, have fun!
To us still having classes, when the going gets tough, the tough get going!

when the hired get tired,
the tired get fired!