why do i always like to make life even more difficult for me?

The thing is, everytime i think of something, be it a nice fleeting thought, a blissfull dream or a plain nightmare(which i rarely get nowadays since i also rarely dream), everything seems to turn back to one thing. And why is that?? Im asking the question here. I need an explanation....

Can someone feel happy and sad at the same time? be up in the skies and down below? can they? coz i think i am. call me crazy, but i do feel that way.

WARNING. Mood swings are VERY contageous. Its like SARS and bird flu and malaria all at once. One hit from one side causes a huge chain reaction. Try imagining this. 1 hits 1 = 2. 2 hits 2 more = 4. then the 4 hit another 4, which will then bring the total number of hits to 8. try going on like this for another couple of times and see the figure rise.

Thing is, I have been becoming THE catalyst for this outbreak lately. Not to many, but to only one. And that has made all the difference. Lost. Meaningless. Undecided. Hollow. Empty. Drained. Sounds like im dying in love? huh... u tell me. I cant even see straight now.

Been reading Proverbs lately. gonna be finishing the whole book soon. Meaningful. Really. Talks about the wisdom that man can have if faithful. How the wise are always above the foolish. I wonder. Has anyone been as wise as solomon? or was he THE wises person that ever lived? God can really do the works can He? dumbfounded.

Resolution: Make someone else's life more meaningful no matter how much it'll cost myself. I cant stand no longer doing nothing. But what is that 'something' that i can do? God, please help.

If you never try,
then you'll never know,
Just what you're worth.


Today's been an extraordinary day. after sooo long of not liking a single class of chemistry tuition, today i astually enjoyed learning. and i did pick up a few pointers! wowee for me! heeheehee.....

Someone decided to not tell me her problems again. saddening huh? anyway, all the best to you.


Read ASTERIX & OBELIX yesterday. Nice piece of work. really like the 'stoopid' jokes that they have. I wonder why i dont have the hand of creativity. Just not fair. Im really impressed by how others can draw and illustrate so well. Guess God gave me other talents huh? hehehe... well, for those of YOU who do not know who they are (asterix and obelix), this here is a picture of them.

Neat eh? haha... well. Have fun during the holidays! Only got 3 days left!



Alot of bloggers are going on the random-ing ride. Random post popping up like daisies. Feeling much better now than i did a few days ago. I finally did what i was suppose to do laaast week. And im glad i did.

But, strangely now she's the one feelin down. Bleeh. Talk about motivation. wowee. Hope you're doing fine girl. Feel free to talk when you need someone. *unlike the someone who doesnt tell me anything evenif i ask/beg* haha.. you catch my drift?

Kim Huat came back from the national championships already. Slg lost to Png, but got second after Terrenganu (which was the host state). I heard there was some foul play.Lousy scumbags. wanna bribe people just so that the state can win?? wats the logic in that? filthy good-for-nothings. Slg was supposed to win! hmmph.

It's gonna rain soon. And I think im sick again. bleeh. till the next update comes!



Dark Clouds overhead

It's been long since i've posted.I know. It's just that things seem to creep up on me everytime.

The past week or so has been one that has been really challenging. Not only to my physical self, but to my spiritual life too. As usual, i've been thinking about alot of things. This things that i've been pondering on has pounded me to dust. Every second it comes to my mind. Hurts too when i think about it. Guessing wat i've been thinking about huh? For one, i myself cant really compile it into words. It's just so confusing. *sigh*

What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything in it? (is this right sean?)

Just what am i to you?


Jerry C - Canon in D [ Rock ]

check this out!! so cool~ bahaha....


I finally did it! yayee~! i designed my class t-shirt. bahaha.. *proud* XD...

Here it is. Trying to come up with more!

the first design

the back

bnw version

My favourite~!

cute eh?

There's more to come! i hope... haha.til next time!

oh oh!! im supposed to design for the class magazine page.bleeh. so short time, so much to do! sayonara!

sean got a patrick!!


Trials are here. This week will only be the JPS papers. The real deal will be next month. Gonna aim gor at least 7 A's. Got to try to get scholarship.Got to..... study.

Fell ill yesterday.Was down with flu.Right now, i got the fever.bahaha... Feeling very warm hot.
got to study for history! i am so busted.didn't read much.

adios mi-amigos