Back from penang.Left at 2.30 on friday after returning from school and packing.
For those who didn't know, my whole family was there to witness my cousin's wedding.haaa... at last sumone from my dad's side got married after so long.(the last wedding i could remember was linda's...about 8-12 years ago??!! )

The whole trip was really worth it.After picking my elder bro from setapak, we met auntie suzie at sg. buloh jejantas.Then we left for penang.The journey there took about 5 hours??.. the bridge was JAM!!! hahaha.. as usual we were late arriving at Krystal Hotel in penang, so we decided to go for dinner first.

Here's the fun part.We headed to the nearest restaurant coz we were really hungry by then.We(the 'kids') had fried rice, 2 noodle dishes(oooOooo really nice ones..) and vege.Right after we finished, guess wat?? we went to another hawker stall on the other side (right across where we just ate) to have fried kuay teow, pizza(this one was really nice.esp. the crust..), asam laksa, prawn mee(malay style), and pancakes... the fried ones...
yupp yupp.What you just read was T-R-U-E.... hahaha kenot blive ar?? hahaha really ful lor. and that was about wat?? 9.30 we started eating, and finished at 10.40 liddat.hahaha 1 hour eat like pig ne...blek.

Next morning, woke up and got ready to go over to my uncle's house for the akad nikah.We were there right after a breakfast of chi chiung fan, yam cake, and kuay teow tn'g.waaa sedap sedap.XD... the akad nikah started at about 11.30 and finished of with the giving of the hantaran and stuff.then MAKAN!! had beef rendang, fried chicken, vege salad, fish head curry, prawns, fruits and sambal belacan.wahahaha.....

Right after lunch, we went back to the hotel to change and went to komtar to have cendol!! yumm yumm.. hahaha... the cendol was really nice man...waa wanted to have 2 bowls, budden too full de at that time.XD.... then went jalan jalan and the ladies found this asam/jeruk shop and they started to buy..... later we went to another shop to buy the biscuit's.Reached the hotel at about 4 and slept.

Dinner.Went to kompleks tabung haji.This was 'the' dinner for the bride's side. the set up was kinda nice.grey-ish and white.We had to wait for the ceremony to end before tucking in into a few dishes.Beef curry, mutton, chicken rendang, taufu something, and potato curry.Among all the tables there, the only table that was brave and hungry enough to tambah 3 times was our table...hahaha... my family(5), another uncle(4), and my aunt(2).At one table.wahahaha i guess there were about 5 mpk cleaners at the table.whack everything ne...hahahha...

Sunday morning!! woke up and ate western b'fast while the adults had something else.Then went for services till 12.30.Checked out of the hotel room and met up with aunty mary at the airport and went for lunch.Met the whole gang there.(my family(5), uncle john's fam(4), Linda n ming shern, aunty suzie and shelagh, koko irene and jacquline, uncle man and aunty mary(dad and mom of tina a.k.a. bride), the bride and groom, the groom's friend, aunty doris and un. tony, mastura(sis of tina), claire and her soon to be husband.That's the whole kirk/quek family there for you.hahaha... my uncle is a malay btw.Aunty mary married a malay, so tina and mas are malays, so tina married a malay.get it??!! hahhaha..blek.

summary of whole penang trip:

see you soon.


MGS prefects gathering was okay.went for it coz Sharmila and Ei ling going.So i go to complete the group lor.XD... quite nice oso.They got so many sponsors that otehr schools couldn't get. lucky them.Met quite a few peeps.Nvr thought they were prefects.The food was way much more better than the la salle idol day.+ point for them i guess.

Michelle's b'day coming up real soon.She still can't decide wat she want's.Sesat betul.haha we all planning suprise b'day party for her.Dunno jadi onot.. ahha see first lar.


Went on a wild goose chase today in the evening with my dad.We went out to buy NEW SHOES!! XD... i had to get a new pair, and coincidentally my dad was back early so he brought me out to go shoe shopping.

Our first stop was BATA at klang town.Was there for about 30 mins.?? all shoes didn't fit nicely.T.T..no size.Okay... so we went to the opposite shops to take a look (the old shoe/bag/uniforms shops) Nope.No siae again.By the way, i'm an astounding size 11 !! shucks...so on we went into the next shop.No.Next one.Nope.Next... srry no size jor....waaa it went on for like wat.... 2 1/2 hours?? all together we went to about 8-9 shops and NO size!!! from bata klang to the few shops (4 to be exact) then to THE STORE then to indian street (2 shops)...wooo..so many seh.But at last my dad said to get a normal canvas shoe (he wanted me to get those quality type ones..preferably leather..><" )

The third shop we went to, one of the bulbs exploded then got short circuit and it kept on bursting and bursting untill the lady switched of the lights.. only one row mind u.not the whole shop.hehehe... haihz... really tired now. The test is almost over.Tmmrw's history.Really.History.You think i'm insane?? it's HISTORY!! wakaka it really is... urrmm as in SEJARAH = HISTORY hee... last paper.Better go study now.whole of form 4 is coming out.T.T....bb.