Study + No study = Fail + No Fail
Study( No + 1) = Fail (No+1)
Study (No +1) = Fail (No+1)

Study = Fail

God's foolishness is smarter than men,
God's weakness is stronger than men.


Com got ill.

virusses are eating this com up. so many dozens of pop-ups are appearing in the screen as in type this out. Not that i can read all those blocks and whatchamacallits. Some other alien language la. But it's realllllly bothering.

Just got back my accounts paper today. I GOT A2!! yippe~! hee... for so long i've been wishing to get an A for accounts. and this time i did!! whee... hope lil elly will fare out well too.

Next week the form 3's will be sitting for their majors. Wishing all my form 3/4/5/6 friends all the best in your finals! Do your best as i know i will! GAMBATE!


Four and a half hours of Accounts in one day is way too intoxicating. I wonder how many brain cells died during the process.

Today after school, i had a class. From 2.30-6.30. As usual the teacher continued on for another half hour. Reached home at 7.30. Right now im slightly exhausted. No idea why. Still so much energy in me. =)

Getting addicted to bleach again! hahaha... now i wanna read the whole thing. It's getting to be even more interesting as the plot thickens! woot~

This sat will be the last paper i'll have to sit for my trials. Chem and physics were good. But im not too sure about add maths. Even my add maths teacher said those questions were difficult.

Gonna be a very tough 2 months ahead of me. all this will end on the 1st of dec. at about 4 in the afternoon. that's the date i've been raring to see. Just hope nothing goes lose in there. XP.



Made a stupid mistake during my grading. A few to be exact. While doing the combine basic pattern, i was supposed to be doing a turning-shuffle-turning-sidekick combo. Instead, i did the earlier combo of a turning-shuffle-turning back thrust. DEVASTATED. Why did i do it?! arrgh..

Then another stupid thing was during the free sparring. I sparred with shaun. Did so many unnesscesary kicks. I think the other trainers were thinking that i must be stupid or something. bleeh. Just hope i get to pull through though.

Right now, my body is aching. too much strecthing for this week. Gonna. Have. To. Rest. Now. Bye.


Trying to make use of whats left. In another 2 more months time, the final exams of my high school life will take place. Trying to gather every bit of my scatered brain and drain the juices out to remember stuff.

Someone finally opened up after MUCH persuading. But the skinny thing only opened half way. hmmmph. I wanna dig further. but promised not to. At LEAST i got to know something which i've been dying to know after months! thanks btw. I know ur reading this already.

I still cant get my guitar over to mich's house to get it fixed. Crap. I soo wanna play a decent song with ALL the strings attached. Right now, there are only 4. Sigh.

Tommorow's my grading day. Gonna be upgraded to blue 2 if i pass. *YES!* so wish me luck.


Have you ever felt how it would be like to come out of trials and tribulations with triumph? How everything will seem to be way much better than before, reflecting on the time when you were going trough tough times and all.

Then sayig to yourself "Ah, i guess God was behind this all along and helped me out. Thank you God for making me learn something out of this." or "Ah, I didn't even need God to help me out. Sooner or later there will be a time where i will overcome my problems. No biggie."

What will you say then? Is relying on God really that important?

Let me just tell you my side of the story. You think about yours.

For the pass few weeks, as you all know i've been feeling down. Due to various reasons i got moody and touchy. Everything seemed to go wrong at all times. That i was the one right always, and that im 'doing my best'.

Days seemed to move by slower than usual. Didn't consult or talk to anyone except myself. Have you ever thought to yourself, and during the session you tend to get aroused and emotional and stuff? I know i did.

Then i was going too deep. Too deep to even catch a glimpse of light. I felt restless and uncertain of myself. Not being able to comprehend what i was thinking, not being sure about how i felt and what i should do.

I wouldn't say that it was a stroke of luck that i found a way out, but eventually i did. It took much courage and strength to finally pull through. To me, that was the one thing that i learnt from this block i had to climb over to continue my journey in this life. I made the first step.

Being fully reliable on God, i found the courage to face my problems in the face. Not being shaken by my surroundings.

I've learnt this during youth bible class a few weeks ago. "Christians now live their lives with the world centered and God as a tool to help them achieve their dreams. What we should be, are christians with God centered in our hearts and living our daily lifes in order to serve him."
It was something i have never heard before. Never though of. But somehow i knew it.

I tried that. Making God the center of my life. Eventhough it's hard to change ways in such short time, im still working on it. I just hope that one day in the future, i'll look back on my life and thank God for letting me realise that "all things work together for good".

What's you're view on life?

"Be angry, but do not sin"


Life was never made to be easy. Rules were meant to be broken. I am meant to be sacrificed.
A soft answer turns away wrath,
but a harsh word stirs up strife.
proverbs 15:1

I have been meditating on this verse alot lately. Kinda helps me cool down. Emotions running high! "Haywire liao". It seems to me that everywhere i go something just pisses me off. Could it be that im just too sensitive? or that im unintentionally trying to find falut with everything?

Trials up 2 weeks from now. Glad that im actually putting in SOME effort, if none at all. Hope to do my best as this is my last year in school. Right now, most of us are already so eager to finish up and leave school. Bet you they never really bothered to think what will happen after leaving school. For the first few months after leaving i'll definitely miss school. Not because i miss the canteen food, or the teachers or the aroma of the loo. I guess it would be beacuse i would rarely or maybe not at all ever meet most of my friends ever again. For someone like me, friends are hard to find, and when you do, they never really last long. By saying so, i mean to say that after a fleeting moment of being the best of buddies and stuff, they tend to sway and follow the 'trend'. Which in my case is the 'macha' crowd.

Prefect farewell gathering wil be on the 17th of this month. sunday. 12-4 p.m. Guess i'll have to rush there right after worship IF it finishes late. (which it almost most certainly verily will). Planning to wear all black with a white tie. hehehe...(i must be crazy too. on a sunday afternoon??!)

wont have much time on the com any longer. 'study study study'. well, 'no pain no gain'. =)

p.s. : decision were never easy to make. you're priceless too. take care.