Found out about the passing away of nikki. Kat's best friend/mate/dog. Made me think of how i felt when Rip and the gang were around. I do agree everything is much quieter than usual. It's been over a year now tat they've been gone. Miss them so so much.


Rip dissappeared soon after her babies died.Malnutrition i guess. they were such cute things.

Dont you just love them? *sigh* It'll be long from now till i get to keep another pet.Oh. im planning to visit SPCA one day.Gonna see/help those cute lil ones.

Kat.You take care ya!

R.I.P to RIP.
Ever wondered how creative and fun kids are?

Lil niece. Su Yen

How Cute and cuddly they can be?

Allysa.Church members daughter.

How their tiny lilttle fingers can do wonders and amuse almost anyone?

Working together like good friends should and do.

I just love kids

Picture perfect



injured myself playing football/street soccer at andalas court yesterday. Skidded, scrapped, twisted and sprained.hahaha... Twisted~.
While playing i accidently skidded with my right leg to the front. So left leggie was left behind and twisted/bended.Kni/knee scraped the nice harsh floor with granites and sand and those musshie mosses gracefully so as not to hurt/cut/bruise/scratch/make a huge gash on itself which would then inflict terrible torturing pain to it's master.Toe, which was very considerate, decided not to fracture but to just get sprained.The injury i had last thursday on the SAME bloody toe while playing football in school was an added bonus.Let's do the maths together shall we?
Toe(thursday)+Toe(sunday)+Knee(sunday)=a glorios day off school.

Tadaa!! see how good we worked that out? aww.. i really should teach math one day.Hmm...
(in deep thought)

Right now the injured knee is kiling.Wasn't bad yesterday.But this morning when i woke up, took of the layers of tissue i put in order to stop the bleeding(Which i thought would've worked like some sort of plaster), This is what i saw.First thing in the morning.

Gahh~! and the worst part is. I cant walk properly! NO!!! sprained toe and a bleeding knee.gosh.Pass/Puss or however you spell it, was dripping! haha.. the whole tissue covered with blood+pass/puss.so gross.heeheehee....So then my dad said "U dont go to school today la." but my mom was like "HUH? why? nothing oso.(gives a menacing look tat clearly says 'you're acting coz u dont want to go to school coz u didn't finish your homework')

"And I dont want the world to see me,
Coz i dont think tat they'd understand,
When ev'rythings made to be broken,
I just want u to know who i am"


Few Simple Rules of this TAG GAME:
-The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover.
-Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.
-Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
-If you are tagged the second time,There is NO need to do this again.

G-ender: Fee-male.

8 simple points
1. Loyalty. A definite must.
2. Honesty.Isn't the best policy at times, but wat the heck.
3. A kind heart, loving, caring and the usuals.
4. Soft spot for CATS! okay.. maybe all pets ya?!
5. A sound mind.someone with her mind of her own.someone who can think for herself.
6. Loves God.This should be #1.
7. Beauty.Inward AND outward.balance.YinYang.
8. Creative.In every aspect.Tee hee hee.. *snigger snigger*

8 unlucky lucky people
1) Kat
2) Gwen
3) Chellie
4) SeanL
5) Sam
6) Mei Yen
7) Xzhu
8) Kareen


The musicky feeling is back again to haunt me.and i like it.hehehe..

Just love listening to music doing nothing and taking every thought out of my mind.relaxing.very.haha.. oh! guitar craze is BACK! haha.. i finally heard a song worth the trouble learning. gonna get the tabs from chiang ling this fri.oh wait.tape.haha.. have to listen first.hehehe.. excited!~

don't u just love music?


Today's the big day for chellie.haha... playing after so long huh? or is this ur first time? anyways, all the best ya! make us proud.bahaha.. sounds so old.

Back pain.serious back pain.haha.. did u.d.t.a. yesterday. this morning training.so now, pain! haha.. not so pain de la.bleeh.tahan!

Kat.bila nak pergi ni?? the 13th comng out sia.so go on 15th pwease! sunway!! bahaha... can go window shopping too!

Wishing Hao shern n Ee Ann all the best in the years to come.Thank you for staying faithful in Him.God bless.



Having the empty feeling in me again.dunno why.bleeh.

This months a busy one.
8th July: i)Fairwell party for Hao shern(leaving for aus on the 15th) and Ee Ann(for aus on the same day)
ii)Inter-school rally.Promised u i would go.But clash with the dinner.sorry.treat u something someday.

15th July: i)supposedly having the singing workshop.Postponed.
ii) Pirates of the carribean.*hint hint*.parents going to kuantan for a visit to the church there.'freedom'.

22nd July: Gospel meeting! hope to see alot of people attending.

Attended the monthly review meeting yesterday.bad attendance.went quite fast actually.was feeling sleepy though.haha..always do.

Month of August would be busy busy busy.alotto youth programs are in august this year.suprising.

Trying to invite friends for Y.D.P. end of this year.i think this years turn up for ydp would be bad.perth trip will be a few days before.so.... not sure if they would want to attend BOTH the camps.would be taxing financially and physically too.Just hope that the friends i invite would consider coming.would love to have them there.

Oh.Y.G.M(Youth Gospel Meeting) this year organized by the klang youths is CANCELLED. 'too many programmes in the month of dec.it seems tat every weekend has already been taken up.WHOLE month!! bleeh.do hope that i can be long lasting.

so sorry to u guys for this late post.Just didn't feeling like blogging this past few days.Guess it's because i've been brought down.haha.. no worries though.think i can handle this out fairly.Till next time.