An update from the ever busy blogger.

College life has been busy busy. And i know for sure its gonna get worst. So no point whining here.
A brief overview of what i've been learning; English(again..), Ethnic relations, Econs, Intro to Hospitality Industry, Intro to Kitchen Management and Sanitation, Kitchen practicals, and Japanese!

Assignments so far are not burdening(yet. except for Intro to Hosp Indus, where my group will have to interview five-star hotel managers. Cool eh?) Lectures and tutorials are so-so. Nothing much of a change.

For kathy the kaepo: Got a few guys in my class right, super annoying and sampat. Haha.. One guy, dun wan to say names la.... just call him donovan, Everytime come into class sure do stupid stuff. Dunno how to tahan. Tunjuk lagak in front of the girls all. Hahaha... Damn stupid lo. How to react to this kinda people ah? sifu!

friends are hard to find.
Best friends are harder.