ahh... at last.Sumone has been infected by the blog virus.Hehehehe....
I'm talking about lil miss michelle.woi.Welcome to the blogger's world.Need help from the pros? just ask.muahahahaha.... feels good to have sumone to talk to about blogging in school.hehehe..

soo... y.e.s. is just around the corner.This thursday.Got to get everything ready and in perfect condition by tmmrw!! dang.Quite alot of them wont be attending! aiks...Hope it'll turn out well though.All the best ya!... GAMBATE~!

will be so so so so so so so bored during this hols.can't go out anywhere except for the occasional mamaking.haihz.... so trapped.Gonna die after the hols.My results are a sure hit in the face.No need guessing.It's already clear that i failed.More than 3 sub's the least.hah! good for me huh? bleeh... got.... to ..... s...t...u.....d....y.......*bam*


It's the 26th of May 2006. 10:00 p.m. Guess wat.
Woot~ wahahha.... it's been quite some time tat i've blogged.considering my highest average of 2 post a day.hahaha...

Ye.s. is closing in.Everythings starting to move really fast now.So confused.Bleeh. This years attendance is really on the downslide.It used to be 20-30 people attending.Now....it's only about wat....0-15??!! hahaha... all the best huh? Break a leg huh? bleekkkk...

Really hoping to enjoy my well deserved holiday.Wanna go out out out.But... hahaha.every teenagers worst nightmare.CASH! having not enuf cash to do all the things u want always puts u down doesn't it? ahahah.... anyways, hope to be seeing michelle, amy, daniel and others!! wakakakaka.....

Take care you guys! i may not be able to blog due to business.wakakaka.... have a great 2 weeks ahead! take care.God bless.


Went for claire's wedding dinner last night.2nd cousin to get married this year.Was at SHERATON subang.My h/p is barred...err... was.muahahaha... kenot mssg the whole day.boring nyer.blekk.

awaiting the long awaited(@_@) hols.Wanna make full use of it.I'm going OUT!! imma gonna playya paintball!!whee~ need people to play wif.If ur interested gimme a call. be quick then can set date n time.Now's the lowest price de.RM 41.wakakaka.. sure u guys thik im crazee or sumthing.But seriously.41 bucks!! the cheapest u'll find for 200 pellets!! so quick quick.hurry hurry.

love is only a feeling~ true?


This post has been long awaited for by some.

After a loong loong time of not posting.Some may have thought that i've abbandoned this blog.But im here to reassure u guys tat it's NOT.

It's already the mid of 2006.Time really flies when ur growing older.when u realise tat life isn't that long after all.When u are cautious about ur surroundings and always vigilant.I don't know about u.But i've alreay started to regret growing up and wasting all those years of my teens.Weird huh? looking back at those times, i feel like it's been wasted.

STUDY.the only word tat's sticking in my head right now.Preassure's already setting in.I'm really trying my best to study.i've actually broke my record of studying continuosly for 3 days!! about 3-4 hours each day.Really hope that it will continue and not die out.Hope that all i've read/learned/studied will stick in my now oh so painful cramped up head.

Mid year examinations are here already.right now into my 2 week of examination.Tiring.Hope it'll turn out good.i wanna progress.Big word for me huh?.

Claire's first wedding dinner is tonight.Hope all runs well.

Gtg now.Hope to see u guys visiting as often now.will be blogging once again!!

I l0vE ac0untS~