Leaving for singapore tomorrow.
Leaving at 10 in the morning with a.abby driving, ashley and randall.
Leaving M'sia for 5 days.
Leaving my blankey behind.

With it, i'll also be leaving alot of things behind. And i dont think i want to return to it anymore.
Not gonna look back from now on and say what a dreadful life i've had.
Not gonna look back and see myself the way i was before.
Not gonna look back from now on.

Moving to the new year now. Moving on, moving forward never backwards.
Hope next year would be emotionless.
Wouldn't want to 'hope for things not seen', even though thats called faith in the bible, it isn't in real life. Hoping for something not there is totally useless and meaningless.
I've got to watch my own back from now on. Guess im returning back to my old self. All the best to me.

turning into a pillar of salt


It ends tonight

Back home from camp.
Was great having so many people there once again. Thanks to you guys, we've had such a successful camp! One of the best attendances so far. 105 youths. Not including children, parents and teachers. woot~!

The overall programs were nice. Good line up of games. Well done stephen n tze wei n sean!
This years theme is 'sharpening the sword'. So basically, it was a study based camp. But it was fun!
Having alot of new faces around was one good thing. Got to know knew people this time.

SOO sorry to the jurong youths! im so sorry i fell asleep and couldn't wish you farewell! Couldnt get up after crashing on the bed... T.T will make it up to you guys when i head down to jurong next monday! thanks for supporting us this year. Wish that we'll get continuing support from you! We'll also try our very best to make each iYDP an enjoyable one! thanks!!!

Now. Back to reality.
Its starting once again. The same irritation. Cant get it off. bleeh. Dont want it back.
(Think rationally boy!!)



Waiting for an answer always seems so long.

But once you do get an answer, and the answer is good, well.... i guess all the time wasted would've paid off.

But what if it wasn't something you wanted?

What if that something you've been waiting sooo eagerly for is not what you finally get?

Well, i guess that's just what you'll have to find out sooner or later.

YDP is just around the corner. Name tag design not chosen yet. Not printed.

Im supposed to do devo. Topic very confusing. No idea what im supposed to talk about. Messed up 'guide lines'.

Finally found a pair of jeans that're nice and decent for my bro. Went shopping with ashley to sungei wang today. Bought stuffies for mich. "Hope you like 'em"

Gonna be heading down to singapore on the 25th. Faced alot of complications just trying to arrange the trip down. Now, the only thing to worry about is the bus tickets back home. Hope aunty Abby can manage to get good bus tickets for the 29th.

Will be busy for the next few weeks. Gospel meeting this weekend. All invited. MICH! you must come! i dont care! rAWr! Have a save and enjoyable holiday! Merry christmas!

im still waiting.
not desperate.
forget it.


How To Save A Life

Being able to save someone's life is not easy.

Having been a red crescent member for 2 years is long enough to know that.
Learning the basics of how to save a life is basically first aid.
CPR and other life saving skills are not easy to master, but not totally impossible.
More need to know the importance of a life. Having learnt the skills, who knows when you'll need it.

SPM is over. But i dont feel the thrill and joy even after finishing 4 days ago.
Makes me wonder, why am i not happy or joyful?
And i guess it's because i've worked so tirelessly throughout the two years in upper secondary preparing for this.
And now that it's over, the supposed joy of having finished is just a myth to some.

On another note, dreams were never made to come true. I just found that out the hard way.
When everything seems to go on so perfectly right, just the way you liked it, be careful.
It may well be a dream that'll disappear when the sun rises in the east.
Living in that dream was really nice. Even though it was part dream part nightmare, i guess it all turned out pretty well.

But now since the dream bubble has just popped, reality comes pouring in and the cold freezing truth awakens the sleeping beast from his prolonged slumber. When will this beast ever fall asleep again, we'll never know. He may be dreaming this very instant.

cold and freezing. XD

somebody save me