First day of college.

And im all worn out. 2 hours standing in the train, walking the next 30 minutes just to reach tarc.
Walk around summore for registration. Sat for the next gruelling 4 hours listening to the speaches.
Then another 2 hour stand on the way back. More walking of course. Spent half a day on my feet! not bad eh for a first day?

Orientation is this week. Tomorrow we're expected to report at 8.30a.m. And how am i supposed to get there so early? leave from K.R.U. at 6 by train! switch to LRT at sentral, Take a bus at wangsa maju to tarc! Hmmm... lemme see.. that's ooonnneeee, twooooo, three!
Three modes of transportation in a day! Ain't it wonderful?

Although it's not gonna last long, since i'm finding a place to stay already, I'mm gonna 'savour' the taste of having to travel up and down!

Wish me luck i don't just drop dead one day.

p.s. : Don't think i'll be updating on the singapore post.. Lazy la... ngek ngek ngek.
Sorry ya!


Big Bro Reuben Got a call this morning.

LEXUS called. Muahahahahahahaha... now ada kerja de beb!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! *must belanja more often de now. kekekeke*


Back from my endeavor with Big bro Reubs!

Not gonna blog about what happened EVERYDAY tough, that'll take me ages and i'll finally give up then you got nothing to read liao. Muahahaha.. so be thankful. VERY thankful.

Bus Ride- Boarded Konsortium Express bus at 10.30. and left soon after from klang. Bus ride was uneventful except for the jokes we cracked every few minutes. Couldn't stop laughing at one point. Going trough Customs office wasn't bad. Especially the m'sian side. They dont even bother to look at your passport. After the other stop at sgpore customs, the bus took off. We wanted to get off at Woodlands, so we told the bus driver earlier before. Mana tau the driver forgot or something, didn't tell us to get off. Woodlands was AT the customs office. So we bodoh-ly followed the bus to Beach road. Once the driver stopped he asked everyone to get off. We got a shock and asked the driver why was he not sending us to woodlands. And the Big Bomb fell. Sigh... Our first day and already an adventure in the great land of singapore! Asked the driver to take us to woodlands if possible. But he took us to Yew Tee MRT station. Because we were supposed to go there anyway. All in all, the trip took us 8 hours to get to Zelda's house! Had to walk to her house in Choa chu Kang. Got lost finding our way. That's another story!

The walk - After reaching Choa chu Kang North 5, we asked for directions to the streetwe wanted to go to. This wonderful lady helped us out. Although her directions were wrong.... she was kind enough to show us the way without robbing us. *not like in m'sia* Another detour around the place we decided to ask for directions again. This time we got the right ones! found her house soon enough.

The family- The house belonged to Uncle Andrew and Aunty Sharon. With their children, Jonathan, Zelda and Audrey. Jon got married recently so he moved out, leaving more rooms to his two sisters. Gotta love this family! great hospitality. wahahaha... must mention them so that i wouldn't be called 'ungrateful'! XD Thanks to them we had a great time in sgpore!

Esplanade- Went there right after dinner. Wonderful place with marvelous art pieces. Too bad i dont have a camera, but i borrowed Audreys. Thx! Saw the Merlion too! the big one. The scenery was wonderful. With the fullerton hotel as a backdrop, the pictures were great.

-To be continued-
(Due to the craving of playing DotA!)