Assignments pouring in like water.

Cant concentrate much already. Sleeping at 2 am in the morning only to wake up at 7 to attend classes which ends late. Especially so on wednesday and thursday because of extra japanese lessons.

So for your info about my current life status, Im busy completing/trying to complete as much of my assignments before i leave for japan. 9 assignments to be ready in 2 weeks time.

Why am i going to Japan? simply put it, i was asked to apply for the student exchange program by UNESCO to Japan. So i did. I thought to myself, why not if its almost totally free? Although not so willing to go, due to missed classes guilt and half way done assignments to be felt later, i guess it's gonna be exciting.

The trip will be this coming 18th to 30th. If not mistaken we'll be heading to Tokyo during winter. Activities not confirmed, so i cant really tell much about whats gonna happen as this is my first time going abroad.

Anyway, there is still 2 weeks for any unplanned 'mishaps' to happen . So i cant really guarantee that im really going. Dont get your hopes high on me buying back omiyage for you! know what the exchange rate is???

1 0.029100
5 0.145500
10 0.291000
20 0.582000
30 0.873000
40 1.164000
50 1.455000
60 1.746000
70 2.037000
80 2.328000
90 2.619000
100 2.910000

Currency converter

That's friggin expensive you know????!!
One can drink is 110 yen. Which is what? RM3+!!!!!!
Just imagine a sushi meal. For two. Is 10,000 yen. Which is???? RM291!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My dreams of having a good time is gone. No sushi meals for the whole trip, no anime and manga, no flashy gadgets, no anything.


But one thing is for sure IF i get there. I'll be in a Home-stay program, and every activity held by them will all be paid for. Including climbing Mt Fuji, Hot springs, and tours i guess.

Wish me luck!
(for my assignments of course...)