2 down 19 more to go.

I seriously can imagine how easy the second accounts paper was.
SO friggin easy! 4 out of the easiest questions came out. THANK GOD!

So im assured an A1 for accounts~! Im really scared of add maths and history now. The two toughest subjects for me. Gonna have to try my best eh?

study study study! gambate joel!



This is it. The day has finally arrived. First paper, Accounts 2.
Really hope mich did her homework.

All the best to y'all once again.

angwee miche. stonning.

me, if i dont do well.


The countdown officially begins TODAY! in just a few more minutes, the dreaded and most anticipated time of the year has finally arrived. asSpM© honghonk Is HERE!

Making life easier seems to make it worst. It seems that i'm always on a down hill road. zooming past everything and crashing only to be tossed off the cliff and falling once again.

onE moRe moNtH! and it's freEDom~! eYe thINk ayaM goINg cWazee! whEeEE.....

all the best to all my friends sitting for our majors. May God be with you and grant you mercy.


Oh yeah.. one more thing. Im a star fish. go figure.
"What have you been thinking about lately?"

Honestly, i cant really tell. Like the usual me, im messed up once again.

Being in my current situation is definitely VERY difficult. Not knowing if all those were lies or the truth. Not knowing who and what to trust anymore. SUSAH!!

What to do
what to do
what to do?

Nothing is making things easier.

sorry just doesnt work anymore.
crumbling to ashes


Guess what? I did something totally amazing today! I SHOT THE MOON!


being lied too sucks.big time


Youth Development Program a.k.a. YDP
18th-21st Dec
Resort Sungai Perak;
Kuala Kangsar, Perak
(not inclusive of transportation)

thank you

This will be my fifth ydp this year. And i hope it'll be even more exiting each time. My best would probably be during 2004. PSALLO. That was one camp i will never forget. Love it. Calling all friends reading this. Come join me this year. Find out what this is about if you still dont know. you'll be greatly suprised.


Better days have come my way finally.
Things seem to be doing fine for now.
I hope they'll last.
I know it's been really tough.
But thankfuly i got to pull through.
Thank you God.
Thank you.

Gonna cherish every moment from now on.
there may never be a second chance.


fall, falling, fell.

Chiang Ling spoke for 'message from the heart' yesterday.
Great message.
Troubled me quite abit. What would the church be ten years from now? How will it be?
Made me think about my stand in my faith. Where is it that i am?
will the church deteriorate when we as youths step up to take over the church?

Next year will be a difficult year ahead. Many youths will be leaving to further their studies.
Many have already left. Are we going to be able to hold on? I would really want us to excel once again like we did before. There's just no 'drive', so they say.

Right now, im still slightly confused and irritated. Being tossed around in my own realm of thoughts. I dont know who or what to trust in anymore. I cant differentiate fantasy from reality.

All i wish now is that everything will return back to normal as it was. But i guess that'll never happen.

Desire for something can be exceptionally painful, difficult and stressful. especially when that something is practically impossible to acquire. Why then does a person keep on ignoring the odds and stay positive about it? What is it that drives them and inspires them to keep on keeping on? Would it be worth it? What will happen if you actually do get what you wish for? So many questions, so little answers.

How far is heaven?
Will dreams come true?



While walking to the bus stop for tuition this afternoon, saw this cat laid on the road, strecthed out. White in colour with a few black and grey patches here and there. Cars passed by but it laid there motionless. Ignoring the danger that overlooks it. Because it was dead.

Head smashed to bits. skull protruding out from the skin. intestines and internals spewed on the ground. flesh and blood still fresh. brains squashed.

Think i'm joking? too bad. no cam = no pic.

Guess life is very unpredictable ain't it? one moment you can be sitting in the car, waiting for the lights to turn, listening to the radio then WHAAMM! drunk lorry driver crashes into you. killing you INSTANTLY. Just an illustration.

As i looked at the cat, i felt totally hopeless. what would i do? what could i do, when faced with death? right now, i truely know that i'm soo not ready. Trying my best to overcome all. "For i know whom i have believed, and am persuaded that He is with me".

Right now, i need strength. But strengh is my weakness. and my weakness is my pain.

messing up.